Bishop Ronald L Scott


Ronald Scott is a co-founder of Refreshing Lives Church (formerly Born Again Ministries). Bishop Scott is a dynamic teacher of the Word of God, whose teachings are known to be refreshing, reassuring and energizing. He has such a heart of compassion to see the captives set free from strongholds, generational curses, and emotional baggage; while encouraging God’s people to exercise faith for what may appear to be the impossible.

Bishop Scott is the founder and principal instructor of Refreshing Lives School of Ministry, which was launched in 2014. The school offers a foundational academia to those who desire scholastic knowledge and understanding of the five-fold ministry. Bishop Scott holds an Associates Degree from Columbia College, a Bachelor of Science from Mt. Olive University, and a Masters Degree in Human Services Counseling: Military Resilience from Liberty University.  And he is currently working towards his doctorate.  Bishop Scott has received numerous recognitions for his service in the church and the community; and is known as a leader of integrity and Godly character.

Bishop Scott’s commitment to the kingdom of God is also reflected in his service to the community.  He is an Instructor and Department Chair of Human Services Technology at Pamlico Community College. Here, he is involved in a program that works to reduce recidivism, that assist others in obtaining an Associates Degree.  He is also a Member of the Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

Bishop Scott not only teaches and lives the Word of God passionately, but his transparency serves to encourage others as he shares his testimonies of deliverance, faith, and the power to overcome as a means of hope and reality to all, especially men. With 23 years of military service, Bishop Scott is a recipient of numerous awards and recognition for his leadership and service.

He is married to his high school sweetheart, Angela. They are a blended family with 5 children and 16 grandchildren.

He was consecrated Bishop in the Lord’s Church under Bishop Joby Brady of the River Fellowship International, and co-consecrators Bishop Maxwell Grady of Greensboro, NC and Bishop E.B. Herman of Fayetteville, NC. Bishop Scott is also a part of the Association of Independent Ministers Association under the leadership of Apostle IV Hilliard.

Pastor Angela Scott


Pastor Angela Scott (affectionately known as Pastor Angie) is a simplistic and illustrative teacher of the Word of God, who is passionate about prayer and encouraging others in their lives.  Pointing people to God, through His Son Jesus, and the healing power of His Word and hand, numerous testimonies have resulted.  She has signature teachings that remain timeless, which include Developing Your Love Walk, a number of teachings on Holy Spirit and Prayer.

Pastor Angie is a conference speaker, conference host, seminar and workshop developer and trainer.  She believes that life’s obstacles should never have greater empowerment over us than the victories God has planned for us.  To learn more about her passionate and personal endeavors, visit her website,

Pastor Angie is also an author, and a playwright. She has written and directed the plays, Another Christmas and Miracles on Christmas Day. She authored the book, Purpose and Passion for the Promise, and several manuals to include a Prayer and Fasting Manual. Pastor Angie has a BS in Administration and Organizational Management from Columbia Union College of Takoma Park, MD (now Washington Adventist University).

She is married to her high school sweetheart, Ronald Lee Scott. They are a blended family with five children and 16 grandchildren.



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